Get a proofread certified English translation of your scientific manuscript 

Our digital academic translation service uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to translate your manuscript, thesis, or grant proposal from Portuguese, Spanish or Chinese into publication-quality English while preserving your intended meaning.

Partnering with researchers since 2004

When you choose AJE, our services don't stop after you receive your files. Our MS and PhD Research Communication Partners and Customer Support Representatives are with you all the way through publication in addition to the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. Our multilingual support team is willing to help with any questions you have.

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"“AJE is great about meeting deadlines and the work is very detail oriented. If English is not your first language, AJE will help you get your papers published in peer reviewed journals with great grammar corrections."

-K. Louis

Robert Donovan


"My favorite thing about working at AJE is that I get to use everything I learned in my own academic career to help scientists around the world succeed in achieving their goals."

Meet the team of people invested in your success

Our highly-trained, in-house editors are experts in over 400 areas of study and field-specific topics. You can trust that the person working on your paper is not only an expert in English but also fluent in the language and conventions in your field. AJE editors bring years of experience to every order, and our commitment to quality is unparalleled.

Katie Ames


"I love being able to apply experience as a researcher to help communicate important scientific findings. Thank you for trusting me with such an important task!"

What sets AJE apart

Uncompromising Values

In addition to being an active member of COPE and a thought leader on ethical practices in the publication industry, we stand by our ethics guidelines in everything we do. 

Unrivaled Partnerships

We have established relationships with the world's largest and most prestigious publishers, journals, and societies. 

In fact, 65 of the 100 highest Impact Factor journals recommend AJE over our competitors.

Unparalleled Support

Research Communication Partners and Customer Support Representatives are with you all the way through publication in addition to the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. 

Support in your Language

We translate manuscripts from Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese into English. All translation orders are matched with translators in your area of study and include English editing.

We can usually translate from English into Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish upon request, but you will not be able to order that type of translation in your AJE account. Please contact us for more details.

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AJE covers 2000+ subjects in 447 areas of study

Publication Services

English Editing

Raise your publication chances with subject specific journal editing by PhDs. 


AI-Powered Services

The AI that powers AJE Digital has been trained on millions of manuscripts.


Translation Services

Translation of your manuscript from Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, or Japanese into publication-quality English  


Grant Services

Get support for your grant application from our team of experts in a wide range of fields.


Figure Preparation

Visually appealing figures, tables, and custom illustrations of your data. 


Journal Recommendation

Detailed information on 3 target journals 


Save time and gain confidence with AJE's powerful machine learning technology

Since 2004, AJE has been the standard for helping authors prepare their manuscripts and share their research with the world. We now bring that same expertise to you with AJE Digital, our new suite of digital editing and translation tools.


Trusted by the most respected names in scientific publishing


Bruno Ricardo Barreto Pires, MD | Oncology

National Cancer Institute, Brazil

G. Haynes

“I have submitted my article to the national league of nursing and I was proud of the editing job. I received the job back in a timely manner and the suggestions were easy, correct and extremely helpful. I will be using this service on a regular basis.”

Gangxiong Wu, PhD | Engineering

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

"When I used to submit papers to SCI top journals (although I repeatedly modified them many times) I still worried about my English professional proficiency. I searched the Internet for a common English-language retouching service. After comparison, I found that AJE is the best. On the one hand, they are real native English speakers; in addition, they are fair and reasonable. They are also very professional and efficient. The editor carefully revised and changed my grammar and spelling mistakes in detail, and modified some of my expressions to make it more professional. After the revision, the paper was much smoother to read, and I learned a lot about writing in English. Sure enough, my paper was successfully accepted by top journal the first time I submitted with the help of AJE. I am especially grateful to the AJE team members for their help."


AJE Digital Translation & Editing Service

As low as $69.30 per manuscript

Translate Spanish, Portuguese, or Chinese to English in less than one business day

Built for academic research

Trained on hundreds of thousands of manuscripts across more than 400 areas of study 

Free Digital English Editing included

Save time, money, and energy when you utilize our Digital English Translation tool

Accurate academic translations to help your chances of getting published. Our AI technology was built using millions of manuscripts edited by the best editors in the world spanning over 400 areas of study.

Our scientific translation team understands the importance of your ideas. Our powerful machine learning technology is designed to maintain the intended meaning of your manuscript. Nothing gets lost in translation when you use our Digital Translation service.

You can select a one time translation or a bundle of up to ten scientific translations for a discounted rate. We currently serve Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish academic papers.

And get your manuscript back within 24 hours no matter the language. Our technology is built to translate documents quickly and accurately.

Your Digital Translation is complemented with our Digital Editing service

Your translation is paired with the Digital English Editing to fix grammar and word choice for further assurance. The Digital Editing tool on its own costs $150/annually. You’ll save money on editing by getting one free Digital Edit with your Digital Translation.


Discover why researchers like you use our digital academic translation service.

American Journal Experts’ core mission is to help researchers get academic articles published in scientific journals. Our goal is to make research communication fairer, faster, and more useful. We take pride in consistently delivering the highest-quality author services in the world. Our Digital Translation service is just one of the many ways we help you succeed by providing an accurate technical translation of your scientific research.

Get your translated work within 24 hours: Up to one-day turn around for long and short papers alike. AJE’s machine learning service can translate a 10,000 word paper to English in the same time it takes to translate a 2,000 word manuscript.





Gain confidence: Showing your work to the scientific community colleagues and submitting scientific papers to to a journal can be nerve-wracking. Have confidence in your research when you use Digital Translation.

Professional service: Unlike traditional translation companies that have tools for short, on-the-spot translations, our experienced academic translation advisors have specifically designed this tool for the most accurate translation and editing for the global research community.

Save money: Digital English translations are priced at a flat rate for any word count. Premium and Standard translations are priced depending on your word count. If you have a scientific documents manuscript with a high word count, save money by purchasing the Digital Translation service.